Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The ABC of Art...

This will be a page to link to all the ABC's of art I have written so far, i'll add to this as I write new posts and i'll put a link over in the sidebar so you can just head straight here if you want to read my alphabet of art.

A is for... Alys Paterson, Alika Cooper and Allyson Mitchell
B is for... Bjorn Lie, Tom Bugs and Breanne Trammell
C is for... Carson Ellis, Camilla Engman and Lisa Congdon
D is for... Demo Derby, Dan-ah Kim and Deth P Sun
E is for... Emily Ryan, Evah Fan and Emma Caton
F is for... Harriet Fleuriot, Francois Marry and Fawn Gehweiler
G is for... Amy Greenan, Gabby Gamboa and Gunilla Jahnichen
H is for... Caroline Hwang, Kirsty Hall and Hinke Schreuders
I is for...
Misako Inaoka, Ileana Rodriguez and Independent Heroines
J is for... Cindy Jaswal, Jamie Shovlin and Janet McCaffrey
K is for... Kelly Lynn Jones, Amanda Kindregan and Missy Kulik
L is for... Laura Normandin, Lady Lucy and Screaming Lulu
M is for... Micaela O'Herlihy, Marci Washington and Miranda July
N is for... Natasha Kerr, Claire Nicholson and November Moon
O is for... Oh my Cavalier, One Black Bird and Erin Originals
P is for... Mark Pawson, Jane Porter and Anna Peach
Q is for...
Wu Qing, Qi Pengfei and Qiu Xiaofei
R is for... Ruth Claxton, Jenni Rope and Kjell Rylander
S is for... S. Britt, Saelee Oh and Souther Salazar
T is for... Tummyache, Trixie Delicious and The Good Machinery


cally said...

Hey maybe this is why blogger crashed my post yesterday, so that I would be able to change my link to you and put this one in. Nice E's.

Camilla said...

Aww thanks Cally- there's got to be a reason for these random technical failures somewhere!