Wednesday, August 01, 2007

L is for

It's been a while but here we are back in the middle of the ABC of art with L is for...

L is for Laura Normandin

I came across Laura's work really pretty recently, and was instantly taken by the glass bottles with images painted on. When I delved further into her work (via her website and her blog) I discovered more to make me swoon. I particularly like the way she works with human hair, something that I tried to do but was pretty unsuccessful with, and a range of symbols that hold meaning for her. I would love to see her work in real life- if you are in the US you might be able to catch her show at Tinlark.

L is for Lady Lucy

Lady Lucy and I go way back- back at least 10 years to the time I got a copy of her 'Independent Heroines' zine and then later met her and worked with her on Ladyfest Bristol. Lady Lucy is everywhere, doing a million projects at once, illustrating things for Plan B, making books, working at Spike Island and utilizing a million social networking tools to spread the message of Lady love. Find LL here, here,here,here, here, here and here.

L is for Screaming Lulu

I very recently came accross Lulu's blog and via the medium of flickr we have been starting some mutual appreciation for one another. I love the embroidered pieces of work she has been making recently and am enjoying delving into her Flickr pages to see what else she has done in the past. I am particularly keen on the embroidered sanitary towels that she is currently working with- rather her than me as it seems these are not the kindest of things to put through your sewing machine. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Lulu's work and hopefully one day getting to see some in person. Visit her blog and her flickr page for more.


Krazy Kate Designs said...

enjoyed your blog and following the links!

lulu said...

thanks so much Camilla! Im very flattered to be in your alphabet of art,and what a fab idea that is too :)