Monday, May 21, 2007

D is for...

D is for Demo Derby

Demo Derby is Mel and Mister Sweets who make nice things in Vancouver, BC and sell them via etsy and Vancouver store The Petri Dish. Keep up with the goings on at Demo Derby via the livejournal. I am biased (again!?) as Mel sent me some lovely notebooks once upon a time, and has traded treasures with me in the past.

D is for Dan-ah Kim

Making Pictures


Dan-ah Kim is a New York based artists and illustrator whose work I first saw on etsy ( Etsy shop.) Seems like I've been slow to pick up on this one as there have been shows at GRNY (as part of a group show) and at Thinkspace gallery in LA. I love the colour palette in her works and would love to get my hands on an original piece on work, in the meantime i've had to make do with buying a copy of 'Making Pictures' (a snip at just $15). Dan-ah currently has her work featured on Domino Magazine's website.

D is for Deth P Sun

Deth was one of the intrepid souls that made it over from Oakland to Bristol a few years ago to show in the gallery. Thanks to Deth I will never again be able to think of my home town in quite the same way*, but I will know just how to scare geese away by making a snake like arm movement, should I ever need to. Deth paints hundreds of small pictures featuring characters that wear animal suits and many many friendly cats. He has a fondness for knife wielding super cats, and booze drinking turtles. You can buy his work via his webshop, or via the ever wonderful Little Paper Planes.

* first up the pronunciation of 'Weston-super-mare' from the English where the 'mare' part is pronounced to rhyme with 'hair' to the Deth P Sun version where is pronounced to sound mexican. Secondly the fact that Weston has 'more flabby white flesh than i've seen in a lifetime' and how it could easily be 'the UK's version of Tijuana'. These things will be forever linked in my brain to Deth P Sun.


Twisted Stitches said...

I love the peas in a pod! Great blog!

Camilla said...

Thanks Twisted Stitches- the great thing about those peas is that they are a cat toy too!

demo derby said...

hellooo camilla!

thank you for mentioning us, you are sooo sweet.

mel xox