Tuesday, May 22, 2007

E is for...

E is for Emily Ryan

Emily Ryan was one of the people I met when I went over to stay with Fawn in LA a few years ago. Emily was kind enough to design the poster for the art show I organised as part of Ladyfest Bristol in 2003, a show in which 4 artists from the West Coast of the USA showed in a little gallery in the West Country. Not only is she a talented artist and illustrator, but she is a former pop star too, in the form of Emily's sassy lime. As well as via her website, you can see a selection of her work on the Tangents website. ps- as far as i'm aware this Emily Ryan is not the same as Emily Ryan Lerner who is another talented illustrator. Crikey that must get confusing.

E is for Evah Fan

Evah Fan is fantastic- she makes teeny tiny paintings that have great titles and feature strange creatures, and from visiting her website today I've just seen the little models she has made too, and can't believe how well her paintings translate into 3d. Evah co-curated the show 'Royal Jelly' at the gallery, which featured work by Jeana Sohn, Martina Fuggazotto and Susie Ghahremani, as well as herself. Evah is another one of those people whose work can be found at bothTiny Showcase and the ever brilliant Little Paper Planes. I have it on good authority that Evah is a bundle of laughs too, and is the most hyper active person you are likely to meet.

E is for Emma Caton

Emma is a Bristol based artists who works in resin. She uses real insects and turns them into airfix kits, tiny deer foetus' into magical flying creatures, and the dirt from her kitchen floor into glowing light boxes. I think it is probably my secret fascination with taxidermy that draws me to Emma's work- there's something strangely compelling about being able to view a tiny creature trapped in clear resin, it's like visiting the museum and looking at the display cases of bugs and beetles. Emma is also featured on 'Relay- a walking tour' by Jane Porter.

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