Tuesday, May 22, 2007

F is for...

F is for Harriet Fleuriot

Harriet (aka Hilary Flamingo) is another one of those people I met at the gallery, she now lives in the big city of London town, where she makes films about the dream vocations of Hilary Flamingo and spends a lot of time dressing up like a crazy lady.

F is for Francois

Francois is one of those multi talented people that seem to populate Bristol, except he came from France originally so I can't let Bristol take all the credit for his talents. As well as making music, drawings and short films he is super cute as well. Visit his website, or take a look at his Myspace page where you can see his tour dates and listen to some music.

F is for Fawn Gehweiler

I've known Fawn for years and years, maybe over ten years? I first 'met' her when I was working in a second hand record shop and I picked up a CD that she had done the cover art for. I really liked the art so sent off a letter to the record lable (somewhere in America), and a few weeks later it came back to me as address unknown. That would have been the end of it if it wasn't for the fact that I mentioned it to my friend Seth, just because he also was American and lo and behold turned out that Fawn lived upstairs from Seth. He passed on a letter to Fawn, she wrote back and the rest is history. Just think this all took place in the days before email! We used to write letters and swap stationery and we kind of kept sort of in contact for a while, until one day she emailed to say she was coming over to the UK and did I want to meet up? Fawn came over a couple of times (bringing Seth with her one time) and I went over to California to visit a few times too. From when I first met her I have loved her art work, and it's so good to see someone do well and get recognition for their work. I admit it was her comics about juvenile delinquents that hooked me, but I think the fact is there will always be space in my heart for her candy coloured girls and big eyed bunnies. You can buy Fawn's stuff made into cute mirrors at My Favorite Mirror, or pick up some stationery. Visit her website, Myspace or Livejournal for more

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