Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Worn Out

My deadline for college is in just under 2 weeks, and as a result I have been spending my every waking moment* thinking about my work, and wondering why I still don't like it. I guess I just always want things to turn out better than they do- i'm pretty clumsy so working with porcelain and print is probably not the best idea ever- I should be making huge splodgy paintings, but instead I am creating porcelain doileys and wondering why it's never good enough.

My friends have told me to just sit back and enjoy the ride- I don't need this qualification, I already have a degree, and 4 years of curating behind me, but for some reason this course is more important to me than that degree. I know my work is good enough, but it's not the amazing wonderful genius work it is in my head. I know that largely this is down to the fact I just don't have the technical skills yet, but oooooh how frustrating that is for a perfectionist like me.

This post is just to say i'm probably not going to have time to read blogs, look at websites or wash my feet for the next two weeks. I'd love to be able to keep up with what you are all doing, but it seems I am about to take my first blogging break. Although knowing me and my penchant for procrastination I imagine i'll be updating like crazy and filling your inbox with comments.

* a bit of an exaggeration


Persimmons Gal said...

I have the same shoes! Love them.

Camilla said...

Thanks for stopping by- I picked up a pair of green apple shoes at the same time I got these- they were too cute not to buy!

Feltbug said...

Good luck - just think how good things will be when you have finished - its great to be at college but also great to leave and be free again :)

cally said...

I am strangely hypnotised by your carpet...i think it because it's blue, you know me and blues.

Totally with you on your feelings about the work. it's partly why I rarely show my work on my blog - it just never turns out like it was in my head and it's all down to lack of technical skill.

(also I hate when I do have good things and someone rips it off and, as all the world is more business minded than me, they inevitable make lots of money from my design. Gah).

I will be sending you creative vibes to help you through this, I bet your work will be great, regardless of how it matches up with the ideal in your head.