Monday, August 06, 2007

N is for

N is for Natasha Kerr

Artist, historian, designer, Natasha Kerr creates one-off textile portraits that explore the hidden and unspoken, from the ghosts of the past to a elaboration of the present. Kerr's starting point is always the photographic image and the story that surrounds its significance... She works slowly and intuitively. Building the picture with many elements, she can often be seen spending hours writing the story of the subject's life which she transcribes onto the work using a tiny paint brush and Indian ink. She works on a ground cloth of antique linen building the picture through silk screen printing, hand painted backgrounds, appliqué and hand stitching to create a truly personal image. (info taken from The Flow Gallery website where her work is on show until September 8th)

N is for Claire Nicolson

Claire Nicholson is a UK based designer who makes sweet cushions, art and accessories which you can order via her website or buy at super cute on-line shop Lapin and Me. (For a full list of stockists look here )

N is for November Moon

Another UK based designer November Moon makes strange creatures from scraps of fabric and mixed media. She also makes lovely stitched drawings and bags. Visit her etsy shop or read a bit more in her blog


tyia said...

I love your Alphabet idea!! Do you mind if I borrow it? What a clever way to write a post. I read children's books for a living (I'm a teacher) so this style totally works with me :)

Camilla said...

Of course! Borrow away- I had to come up with some kind of structure for writing posts or i'd just end up with a totally empty blog- and the alphabet just seemed the easiest way to do it.