Friday, August 03, 2007

M is for

M is for Micaela O'Herlihy

I first heard about Micaela thanks to her friend Faythe Levine who sent over a DVD with Micaela's work on it to the gallery. Micaela makes paintings and films and it was one of her short films that we used as part of the Obsolete Technology exhibition in June 2006. Micaela and Faythe have been spending the last year or so working on the Indie Craft Documentary which has seen them travel around the US interviewing people who are part of the current Indie Crafts movement.

M is for Marci Washington

Marci Washington painted the one thing I would take from my house if it was on fire (apart from the cat of course). Her painting 'With the Birds' was shown as part of the Hounds Tooth and Herringbone exhibition that also featured Kelly Lynn Jones and Alika Cooper. I fell in love with the painting and when it came to ship the work home I decided I had to buy it- i'm so glad I did because it hangs on my bedroom wall and I look at it every day and haven't grown at all tired of it yet. Marci has work for sale at the ever wonderful Little Paper Planes, has had prints for sale via The Tiny Showcase, The Beholder and is currently showing work at Giant Robot SF

M is for Miranda July

I first heard about Miranda July via her Learning to Love you more project- a web based series of assignments ranging from Start a Lecture series to Record the sound that is keeping you awake. In 2003 she came to Bristol and I sneaked into her performance at the Arnolfini and despite her tiredness (I think she had a cold maybe) was charmed and inspired by her. In 2005 her film Me and you and everyone we know came out and once again I was smitten. I've just recently got a copy of her new book No-one belongs here more than you which has a website worth visiting even if you never read the book. I recently discovered that Miranda July is younger than me, which made me feel a bit hopeless as she has managed to do so much!

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amy said...

hello hello! thanks for visiting my little blog :) i love miranda july too, i wish i had her energy!

amy x