Tuesday, May 08, 2007

B is for...

B is for Bjorn Lie

Another shameless plug for a friend, but I really can't help it if i'm surrounded by highly talented people now can I? I first met Bjorn when he dropped in to the shop to ask about selling some of the cards he makes with Yee-Haw Industries, I was instantly charmed and it wasn't long before we were talking about an exhibition in the gallery. For my birthday last year Bjorn painted me this picture, which was especially welcome as I had been unable to afford to buy any of his original work in the show!

B is for Tom Bugs

Yet again another friend, Tom Bugs is a multi-talented kind of guy. He mainly makes strange noise making devices that people from all over the world are after, he makes music as Knowledge of Bugs, and in 2005 he showed some of his work at the gallery in 'The all-enveloping Bug brand sounds show'. For this show the gallery was filled with strange noises, lots of plastic bugs, and for once the number of men in the space was higher than the number of women. Tom also does workshops teaching you how to make music from unlikely sources, such as calculators, and is a great addition to any craft fair you might be having.

Breanne Trammell makes lovely drawings using print and stitch. Her work has evolved since we showed it as part of Stitch or Swallow and her website is currently in the process of a huge update, which I wait with anticipation. Breanne is another one of the talented artists that are sold via Little Paper Planes. You can see some more of her work here on Stuart, (Saatchi's student art gallery). I love her use of vintage fabrics combined with sketchy printing.

B is also for:

Jeffrey Brown one of my favourite shambolic comic artists who I should be meeting later today (which is part of the reason this post is slightly less meaty than 'A is for'.)

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Breanne said...

Thanks, Milla!
You are too sweet. I am stillll working on an update. Hopefully it will be up in the next month.

xoxo, breanne