Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Shan at Five Gallon Bucket just tagged me for the 7 things meme:

7 Random facts /habits about yourself.

1. I prefer The Shangri-Las to either The Beatles or the The Stones
2. I have an art degree already, but am currently taking an art foundation course (the prequel to a degree) for reasons that are still a little unclear to myself.
3. Most of the shows I curated were put together by discovering people on the internet and sending cheeky emails
4. I think I am turning into my Dad- I have returned to ceramics, developed an interest in National Trust Properties, have an allotment and spent the weekend watching Morris Dancers.
5. I have collected teapots since I was about 7 years old
6. I worry that I will end up as an obsessive collector, living amongst piles of rubbish
7. I still really miss John Peel

Like Shan says on her post, it's hard to pick who to tag as I have no real idea who actually reads this blog, but going on the comments i've had i'm going to tag:

Janet, Gillian, Susan, Ismoyo, Cally, Benjamin, Caroline

Do with it what you will! And I know Gillian already tagged me a while back for something that i've not got round to doing yet, maybe there will be a great tagging catch up sometime in the future.

edit: as Gillian tagged me for the 10 things meme, i'll just add another 3 things here!

write 10 things (unknown and hopefully revealing in a not over the top way!) about myself.

8. Two of my best friends share the same birthday as me (the ill-fated September 11th), and one of those died last year, I don't know how i'm going to cope with my birthday this year.
9. I really wish I had added my name to the press releases we sent out for exhibitions, I thought I was being good by not 'making a fuss', instead I was just selling myself short
10. I would give up any creative ability I have if it meant I could never suffer mental ill health again

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Feltbug said...

I would love to do an art foundation (and degree) all over again - I was only 18 the first time round - I got loads from it then but imagine now - all those resources - I did really enjoy studying BTEC textiles last year. Do you make tea in your teapots ? I do like a proper cup of tea out of a pot myself !