Friday, June 15, 2007

H is for...

H is for Caroline Hwang

Caroline Hwang is another of the artists who showed work at the first ever exhibition at hre gallery. Her embroidered napkins and sweet marble magnets totally won my heart. Caroline has her illustration website, has had her prints for sale via the ever lovely Tiny Showcase,
and you can read about her in Swindle. You can buy some of her work via her store

H is for Kirsty Hall

Kirsty is one of the volunteers at here gallery. As well as volunteering at the gallery, she also makes her own work too, and last year showed some of it in the gallery space. At the moment she is working on her diary project, as well as continuing to work with pins to create pieces like the ones shown above. Kirsty is also part of Ilka, a freelance curator, and writes about art and other things over on her livejournal.

H is for Hinke Schreuders

I first discovered the work of Hinke when I was starting to put together the 'Stitch or Swallow' show. Unfortuantly Hinke couldn't take part at the time and so i've never got to see her work in the flesh. (She recently showed some of her work in the UK but I didn't discover this until the show was nearly over). Not only does Hinke make amazing pieces of embroidery work, she also takes great photos and writes about art on her website.


treasuring said...

I adore Caroline Hwang's work! So happy to have stumbled across your blog.... I will be back often, for I am an artist as well, and I am so inspired by you!!

Kirsty said...

Hey honey, thanks for the link, I'm pure dead chuffed that you included me in such lovely company.

cally said...

ok, now i'm mad at myself, if i'd been here sooner i'd have discovered Kirsty's Diary Project a whole lot sooner (only found it tonight when i went to email my address - which i never actually did cause of the DP linking frenzy!).

And Hinke's work, I am BLOWN AWAY!!!!
Utterly gorgeous, that bottom image is so totally stunning I'm almost starting to wake up again.

Guess what, I was almost about to pop in and visit you at Here in 2 weeks! Was planning to visit a friend who is emmigrating, but she's leaving earlier than planned so the trip was cancelled. Bums. I was quite excited about surprising you!