Tuesday, August 28, 2007

O is for

It's been a while since I updated my ABC of art, so let's get back in the saddle again with three people that O is for...

O is for Oh my cavalier

I absolutely adore the work of Oh My Cavalier, it combines many of my favourite things- delicate drawings, hair, birds and limited colour palette. I have a gocco print version of the top image, printed onto a page from an old song book. Buy something for yourself from her Etsy shop. Or perhaps visit her blog or website.

O is for One black bird

I can't remember how I first stumbled into the world of One Black Bird, but when I did it was something of a revalation to me- I didn't realise that there were potters and ceramicists busy at this blogging stuff as well. I love the way her work features a combination of simple forms and delicate incised drawing, you can pick up one of her pieces from her new etsy shop.

O is for Erin Originals

Erin is perhaps the one person, more than any other, that is responsible for me being Made by Milla. We met via a combination of internet message boards, Stitch'n'Bitch and mutual friends. In 2004 Erin had booked herself a space at the Creative Expo and invited me to join her. With only a few weeks until the event Made by Milla was born- we spent many late nights in Erin's kitchen with her cooking up a storm and me discovering the joys of her 1" badge machine. By the time of the event we were ready, with press packs, stock lists and after a hurried visit to a friend of mine, a pair of pink curtains from Ikea to act as our backdrop. I think that first event was probably my most successful fair experience and lead to us both being picked up by a number of shops. Where I flaked, Erin triumphed and has gone on to show at Pulse, Top Drawer and even get to pop back over to her native US for the San Francisco International Gift Fair. Erin now has studio space at Blaze gallery and sells at a wide range of stores.

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