Wednesday, August 29, 2007


balloons  for chris
bognor at dusk
The creatures had pests

Today's element from Shari's week of elements is Air. Like others I found this hard to visualise, but I think i've come up with a few images that say air to me.

The top picture shows the balloons we released to commemorate Chris, who had committed suicide the year before. We each wrote wishes for ourselves, for Chris and for his family, onto little pieces of paper that were placed into the silver box. We then tied our balloons to the box and sent the wishes off into the sky- it was such a beautiful evening and the bright red balloons looked amazing against the blue sky, it made a wonderful end to a weekend that at times had been hard going (especially climbing up Kinder Scout which was near our campsite)

The middle picture shows the beach at Bognor Regis, we had been walking along in the dusk, breathing in the sea air and trying to decide where to get chips from. Later that evening Miss_Jen flirted a little with the man in the chip shop, a year later Jen died and men in chip shops don't hold the same appeal anymore.

I didn't mean for this to be a sombre post- so the third photo is one of the taxidermied animals at the museum, sealed into an airtight bag before going into the freezer, in an attempt to kill of all the bugs that are living in his feathers. So three photos, all somewhat related to death, which is strange when you consider today's topic is air.


susan said...

i can't find your email to ask you your address- i mailed you at etsy, but no reply... want to send moo to yoooou.

Di said...

I love your balloon shot and what a touching tribute to your friend.