Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I is for

I is for Misako Inaoka

I came across this artist via Lisa Congdon's blog, and I really don't know very much about her, other than the images charmed me and I fancy she would get on well with Tom Bugs if they ever met up. I am a sucker for birds (isn't everyone these days) but what I really like about this work is the way that technology such as motion sensors combines with bird forms and fake moss to create work that is both natural and artificial. Yet another artist who I would love to see 'in real life'. If you live in the US you may just get a chance to see her work as she has a residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts and in September will be showing at Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Ileana (aka India*Romeo) is a lovely-thing-maker, and a super helpful nice person too (she offered to track down some unreturned items from a show that I took part in that was held in her home town). She has a shop on etsy (click on either of the images above to buy them), a collection of photos on flickr and is one of the people behind the NC craft collective known as the Handmaidens.

I is for Independent Heroines

Independent Heroines started life as a zine by Lady Lucy (here or here) and in 2003, along with Lisa Brook (who made the film Two Girls Kissing, which the b/w image is from), it became a film festival as part of Ladyfest Bristol 2003. In 2005 it became a fully fledged feminist film festival in it's own right, and Lisa and Lady went on to take the festival on tour.

ps- Lady Lucy used to be my nemesis but not any more.

I was actually a really hard letter to find artists for, so if you have any suggestions to add to the list i'd love to know them!

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cally said...

the red berry-head bird is amazing!