Sunday, June 24, 2007

Amy Greenan

Amy Greenan (who I wrote about back in G is for...) is selling some pieces of her work via her livejournal. The latest issue of her zine comes in the form of an accordian fold book in a little wooden box

Amy is also selling some original paintings that she had left over from the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair,where she offered Art by the Inch.

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cally said...

love artist books, she's new to me, perhaps because she's a livejournal gal. i just did a post about how i have trouble with LJ.

need to catch up on your posts, but fighting with exhaustion, the shingles, hormones, allergies and weather are conspiring against me at the same time today.

plus i suspect i never did get round to emailing you my addres, i will do it tomorrow when i email kirsty