Wednesday, June 27, 2007

mmm toffee pudding

mmm toffee pudding
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Today we went for an 'end of course' meal at the pub near college. We were pretty lucky as the food was excellent, including this lovely sticky toffee pudding that I had for desert. The middle of summer shouldn't really be time for eating sticky puddings, but with all the floods and rain lately it almost feels like winter today.

Yesterday morning, after seeing that Sheffield was under water, I sent text messages to my friends who live there, hoping that they were safe and dry. This morning I was rather relieved to get a message back letting me know that although the phone and internet had gone they were all in one bit. Cally has a post on her blog about this weather we've been having, and some of the things you can do to prevent flooding.

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steven mcvay said...

hello, thanks for the blog compliment, and i dont care what time of year it is ,its always sticky toffee time in my world. x