Monday, June 11, 2007

G is for...

Back from my mini-blogging break here we go with the G's...

G is for Amy Greenan

I think I first met Amy via Livejournal, I can't actually remember anymore, but I know she is friends with people I am friends with and so I started to read all about her and discovered she was responsible for the amazing zine 'Highest Population of Rockstars', which she is slowly bloggin about here: Highest Population of Rockstars blog

Via lj I discovered her art,(more of which can be seen on her flickr pages:over here) I love the way Amy paints herself, her use of oil paint is inspiring to me as a person who hasn't touched oil paints for years. And there's no getting away from the fact that it's a distinct possibility that me and Amy share the exact shame body, she's just a bit more comfortable showing it off than I am. Here's her bio on Stu-art and her myspace.

G is for
Gabrielle Gamboa

I first met Gabby while I was visiting Fawn in San Francisco about 6 years ago, it was Halloween time and I remember Gabby was dressed as a Beatnik. I met up with Gabby again a year or two later when I needed somewhere to stay the night and someone to come with me to meet the legendary Trina Robbins. Gabby was one of the five artists from California that took part in the very first show at here gallery, which kicked things off and unknown to us at the time would be the start of all kinds of exciting shows happening at the gallery. (The other artists in 'From the West Coast to the West Country' were Fawn Gehweiler, Emily Ryan, Caroline Hwang and Saelee Oh). Gabby makes comics and most recently Gabby has been making a series of work based on nuns. Keep up to date via her myspace

G is for Gunilla Jähnichen

I discovered the work of Gunilla when I was looking for cute pictures of deer. She has a painting that features a deer that was posted in a community on livejournal, and I was so taken by it I decided to ask her if she would be interested in showing at the gallery. The cute painting with a deer in was, in a way. a bit of a one-off, as much of Gunilla's work verges on the dark and sinister.

I know I probably say this about every show at the gallery, but this show was definately one of the best ever. The quality of Gunilla's painting is so good, and the composition of her paintings is really strong. I love how when her show was on people were slightly scared to come into the gallery! I wish now that I had been able to buy one of the canvases as I kick myself over not splurging on one on a nearly daily basis. I'm lucky though because Gunilla and her family stayed at my house for a few days whilst hanging the show and as a gift I was given one of her drawings in a nice frame.

I'm pretty sure Gunilla is someone to keep your eyes peeled for- she has recently shown in Chicago, Frankfurt and as part of Art Cologne, where she lives.

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