Sunday, June 10, 2007

Project Spectrum

golden dog
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The colours for June and July's project spectrum are red, black and metallic- which gives me the perfect excuse to show you one of the little creatures I made as part of my final project. This little golden dog was made using a piece of found ceramic, and then re-glazed using gold lustres. The glaze is pretty noxious stuff, but I don't seem to have suffered too badly from using it (apart from the one day when my hand turned yellow...)

My other project spectrum posts for the next two months will no doubt be pictures of my shoes- thanks to New Look selling shoes for £10 I seem to have built up a large collection of red (and white striped/spotted) shoes, which will fit in perfectly with the latest colours for the project.

Yesterday I spent the morning face painting at a fund raiser for a pre-school that a friend of a friend helps to run, and in the afternoon I wandered around the City Museum before heading home to the seaside to read magazines about embroidery and eat cherry scones. Today I am hopping on the train back to Bristol to join my family for a boat trip up the river to Beeses tea gardens, where yet more scones shall be eaten.

A full return to blogging soon- with new posts in the A-Z of artists I like and think you should too.

PS- thanks so much to Cally for writing nice things about me over on her blog

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susan said...

ooooh luster. ilove this dog, love luster, hate the noxiousness of it.
thanks for the lovely comments on my new site. it took years to get off my tush to do it.