Tuesday, July 10, 2007

J is for...

J is for Cindy Jaswal

Another one of those not entirely sure how I found them type people- perhaps it via her etsy shop, perhaps it was via Flickr or maybe I just saw a link to her website on someone else's blog. However I found her, i'm glad I did because now not only does this little raccoon live in my house, but she is due to show her work at here gallery in November, which will be my gentle reintroduction back into the world of curating, after a 6 month break.

J is for Jamie Shovlin

Jamie Shovlin is my current all encompassing art crush. I can't help myself, i'm just totally smitten with his work. I first saw his work at the Tate Britain when I went on a trip with the college- a friend had just been in to see his work and came out and beckoned to me saying 'this is right up your street'. How could I not love a man who makes art that is obsessive and features images of birds, uses crayola crayons and who has faked an entire history in Naomi V Jelish. Seriously I get butterflies whenever I discover something new about this artist, and I am so excited that he has a new show open this month, that runs until August 18 at Haunch of Venison in London town.

J is for Janet Mc Caffrey

Perhaps I met Janet via GetCrafty, perhaps it was Livejournal, who can remember? However it was i'm delighted to have met her and am constantly amazed and inspired by her work. Amongst other things at Primrose Design Janet makes vintage inspired pillows that she hand embroiders with vintage designs, sells a range of real vintage aprons, sweet smelling sachets and has recently started selling a selection of vintage embroidery patterns. Janet also has written a series of tutorials showing how to do a whole raft of different embroidery stiches, including my personal most hated stitch the French Knot. Janet is the kind of crafter I wish I was, but sadly don't think i'll ever be disciplined enough to be like!

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