Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A mini shopping spree

First up- sorry Mum I know I should have paid you back some of the money I owe you, rather than spending it on Etsy, but really I couldn't resist!

Green Tree Brooch by fellow UK Etsian Vienna Horses for just $9!

Song Page by Oh my cavalier for just $6!

I've lost an Ocean by my old favourites Maki Squarepatch for just $5!

and finally a treat for one of my summer projects- I decided I needed to buy myself a special journal to use over this summer in preparation for starting my new course in September, so i've opted for this one:

A unique handmade sketchbook made by Matt Cipov for only $5!

And how did I end up with this money in my Paypal account? I've been busy making badges for Tom Bugs for the last couple of days...and yes I am pretty fed up of his badges after the first hundred or so...

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