Friday, December 28, 2007

R is for...

Back in the saddle again- maybe I could finish the alphabet by the end of the year if I try really hard?

R is for Ruth Claxton

Anyone that knows my recent work will understand why I love the work of Ruth Claxton. She's been in residence at Spike Island in Bristol during 2007, and despite that being just down the road from me (sort of) i've never actually got to see her work in the flesh. Next year she will be showing work at Ikon gallery in Birmingham

R is for Jenni Rope

Jenni Rope makes art, books, illustrations and film. Most of all she makes me want to go to Finland.

R is for Kjell Rylander

photos from Wendy Kershaw

Kjell is a ceramacist from Sweden, and that's about all I know until I go hunt out my copy of Breaking the Mould: New Approaches to ceramics, which he is featured in (which is absolutely worth buying) and update this bit...after all these months off you'd think i'd actually have something to say in this post. (Wendy Kershaw has some great photos of his work on her flickr page, and is a ceramicist also)

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