Monday, March 02, 2009

chimney breast

Oh dear it's been over a week since I posted, and now i'm posting about something I already told you about- one of my walls of art. It was lovely and sunny over the weekend (well it was last weekend and on Sunday) and I took the opportunity of taking a photo of this wall, as i'd never really been able to get a good photo of it since it's been 'finished'. If only the rest of my house was this well organised!

October and September when the process began.


Gaina said...

That wall made me grin.

I have the answer to your organisational woes...

Treat the rest of your house like an installation - curate it!

Ok, I am turning the tables on Miss Milla. I am setting you that task,!

karen said...

I love the wall and I love what's going on in your fireplace.

andrealynn said...

Your wall looks lovely! :D