Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Decorating time

The arrangement that's been like this for a few years now

On Sunday morning the chimney breast wall in my living room looked like this

it's useful to have tall boys who don't mind going up ladders

With the help of a tall boy a few hours later it looked like this

filling holes

By the end of the day there were a lot of holes needing filling

What started off as a simple plan to re-hang some of my art collection has turned into a full blown decorating project. Pieces of work that had been held on the wall for two or three years using industrial velcro pulled off the paper underneath when I started to take them down. The paper on the chimney breast doesn't match the rest of the room and seemed to have been painted multiple times which meant layers of it came off pretty easily once we started. Of course it wasn't that simple because once the big pieces were off there were millions of bits of 40 year old paper to try and remove, but by the end of a couple of hours we got it all off. Underneath the paper the wall was in ok condition- just a lot of holes to fill in from where pictures had been hung.

2 hours later

You can kind of make out the shape of the original Edwardian fireplace in this photo-it's a shame it got taken out sometime in the past (in the 40s perhaps). After discovering the ghost of the fireplace I started to look for images of Edwardian homes and got excited imagining what my house might've looked like when it was built.

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