Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thinking of friends

The other week I received an amazing package full of strange things from my friend Clunk and her family, who are living in a caravan in the Scottish Highlands while they renovate a barn and turn it into their lovely new home.

package of joy from the highlands

I was too impatient to find my real camera so I took photos with my new phone, which replaced my old phone that died on my birthday- 4 years after I got it.

amazing chicken to be turned golden

Clunk said that this chicken is perfect for me to turn golden- but I have to say I kind of like it the way it is, even if no-one else does!

what can it be?

What can it be?

home made playdough with glitter in!

Clunk has just written a really lovely post about friends over on her blog and as i'd finally managed to work out how to get the photos off my camera and onto my computer I thought it was time I shared them with you. I recieved some amazing gifts for my birthday this year which I still haven't shared with you, there's still so much catching up I need to do with this blog!


Izabela said...

this play dogh must be great fun for little kids if its homemade...
but the chicken is a bit scary with those rests of paint on his head... apart from it it looks fine to me!

Gaina said...

They are really good photos for a camera phone! I trust it's broken since to you took my photo, though :P.

Did you know you can get Play-Doh perfume? Uh-huh.