Saturday, October 04, 2008

More decorating...

I painted as high as I could reach today

It's a slow process decorating in my house- the hall took over a year, this chimney breast has taken over a week. The problem is that I can only reach so high (as you can see) and then I have to wait for someone tall, who isn't scared of going up ladders, to come and finish it off. The colour was a mixture of two half empty tins of paint I found in the mysterious cupboard of paint (in my kitchen) which were mixed together and turned out pretty nice.

at this point I realised I had a lot of pictures to re-hang

I decided to really re-arrange things and so I started off in the same way I used to when hanging a big show at the gallery- lay everything out in one place and begin a slow process of elimination. It was at this point I realised I had a huge art collection- somehow with things dotted around it never seemed this big before (and a few pieces are left out of this picture as I knew I wanted to keep my painting by Marci Washington, birthday illustration from Bjørn Lie, collage by Camilla Engman, photos from Adam Faraday and drawing from Gunilla Jähnichen in my bedroom where I see them when I wake up)

Biddy picks out her favourite

Biddy helped with the elimination process- I wanted to go for something a bit more structured than before and show some of my newer acquisitions (I'm lucky to have many talented friends and to have spent several years curating shows where I was able to buy some amazing work)

nearly there...

Almost there- the postcard in the bottom right corner is a place holder- since I took this photo i've re-framed a print by Anna Peaker which will go there- i've just been too lazy to re-photograph the arrangement.

In this finished set are pieces by:

Top Row L-R:
postcard from Cyprus, collage by Shannon Rankin, photo from an Etsy seller whose name i've lost (if you recognise it let me know!), Monotype from Amelia Santiago
Second Row L-R
photo from J. Adelaide Fuller, greetings card, print from Julianna Swaney, (above) drawing by Bjørn Lie, gold framed charity shop find, painting by Jeana Sohn
Third Row L-R
cross stitch mixtape by Betsy Greer, Penguin books exhibition poster, print from The Good Machinery, drawing by Kelly Lynn Jones
Bottom left drawing by Fawn Gehweiler, painting by David Galletly


Kirsty said...

That colour is FABULOUS!

Camilla Engman said...

Wow, what a collection! I'm so jealous :). Me to, love that colour.

Miss Frugality said...

The green is gorgeous! I'm pretty envious of your art collection.It's going to look amazing when it's hung.

Laura said...

That colour is amazing!!

kickpleat said...

i LOVELOVELOVE the colour. looks amazing! maybe cornelius should come and help you paint! he's tall!! :)