Thursday, September 25, 2008

The sea I swam in

Lyme Regis

This is where I swam

A while back Lisa mentioned something on her blog that made me think about cellular memories. She was talking about how perhaps deep in her cells there was a memory of Japan, I think sometimes that deep in my cells there is a memory of living in the sea. I am never happier than when I am in the sea (which means in this cold country i'm not happy very often) on many occasions i've been likened to a mermaid (or perhaps more precisely a sea cow)- I am clumsy on dry land, my feet hurt when I walk- but when i'm in the sea I always feel happy. On Monday I swam in the cold water and twisted and turned and played around in the waves spinning round in circles. I'm not very good at swimming these days- i'm out of practice and my right leg and arm aren't very strong, but I think I need to work out a way to get into the sea more often.


lisa s said...

i love the thought of you as a mermaid.

i think cellular memories are real :)

clunk said...

You should come visit us! There are lots of stories of beautiful mermaids in the Cromarty Firth and we even have a sculpture of one in our local village! You would be right at home - but maybe a bit cold what with it being the North Sea... x

Laura B said...

I too belive in cellular memories, and there is something great about paddling in cold water, like we did when we were 5 :)

Net said...

That's lovely Milla, I loved your description of swimming! Hope you get to do loads more swimming in the sea.

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