Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bats, Rats and rambling

Edith Abeyta has some great new projects on the go at the moment: Bats and Rats is asking for line drawings of bats, or rats to be combined into one design and then turned into a silkscreen that will be available to print with on October 2nd if you bring your own surface.

Deconstructing materialism Number 1- Trails to Treasure, invites you to take a page and make something with it- there's a list of 58 titles over on the website and the deadline is November 6th, with an exhibition in December.

Edith also invites you to order a freshly baked apple pie from her which, for a donation, she promises to deliver to your door with all funds being raised going towards future installation work.

I find Edith so inspirational- the way she uses collaboration and participation as an integral part of her work is really exciting to me. Until I was introduced to Edith and the way she worked I thought that I was a bit alone in the way the finished product is less important to me than the links we make between each other and the ways other people's input can shape our process.

When I learnt more about Edith and the way she works I felt that i'd found someone who was working along the same lines as me, and I look at her working practice now and feel like I have someone to look up to. Of course there's lots of other talented artists who I look up to- but I think I know I will never be purely a painter or textile artist and so, no matter how much I might like their (your) work it doesn't resonate in quite the same way.

(sorry I realise that's a really clunky way of explaining myself but I hope you understand me- one of my goals for this academic year is to become more articulate when talking about my work!)

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