Monday, March 09, 2009

If I were in London next week i'd be going to this (yanked from the pages of Craft Guerrilla):

Oh my goodness, Craft Guerrilla is ONE YEAR OLD in March! We need very little excuse to party so when we've got a genuine reason then we go all out. Our next DIY Craft Night is on Wednesday 18th March and it will be our birthday party.

There will be new Spring / Mother's Day themed craft kits to make or give as gifts and the launch of the Craft Guerrilla CRAFT-ZINE!

I often wonder if the crafting community is made up of especially generous people or if the Joy of Craft makes you become a generous person. Either way, crafters love to give and we Craft Guerrillas are no exception. Even though it's our party (and we'll cry if we drink too much gin) we are giving away a FREE GOODY BAG to the first 50 people through the door!

I'll also be on hand to advise on mending and darning tips so bring along all things holey and I'll help you to fix them. Fix them, don't throw them! That's HOLEY things for mending, not to be confused with HOLY things as I don't know how much help I'll be there.

If you fancy learning to knit then myself or Louise can help you out and I'm even thinking about basic crochet lessons if you fancy it? Bring your own hooks, needles and wool and I'll bring a few spares for you to borrow for the night or to buy for life. Don't get your k2tog in a twist! Got a pattern that needs deciphering? Kfb and bring along any troublesome projects and our craft tutors will do their best to help you out.

Don't forget your "Guilty Pleasures" tracks for the Handsome Twins to play and in honour of our birthday the Craft Guerrilla DJs are mixing up something special just for you...

When? Wednesday 18th March
What time? From 8pm onwards
Where? The Castle Pub, Walthamstow
How Much? FREE ENTRY (small charge per craft pack)


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avagdro said...

Thanks Camilla,pretty cute indeed.Wish you n all the MOm's across the world a great joyful Mother's day beforehand.

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