Monday, April 14, 2008

Dog and Duck

Dog in a box

Duck in a box

I've just listed my lovely Dog and Duck pieces. They were both in the Abracadabra show in November, with Claire Platt and Cindy Jaswal, and now they are ready to be set free into the world via Etsy. Click on the images to find out how to buy them. They were really hard to photograph because the sun/my reflection kept bouncing off them. I'm going to try again another day to get better, less dusty images (they don't look dusty in real life but the camera ha s picked out invisible dust).


lisa s said...

hello camilla,

i love that little dog and the way his head is tilted.

thank so much for coming by my blog and for your kind kind comment! :D

Robert said...

Hi Milla,
I have not started my tomatoes yet, I think I will cheat and buy some plants at the market.

Very bad night last night, we had a visit from Mr Badger; see my bolg for details later.
Keep up the good work and thanks for visiting Dorset Sculpture.

Hanna said...

I think they look cool though taking the photo in the shadow might help take the dust away?

Gaina said...

Mam and I were somewhere the other day (I think it was Cadbury) and they had figures a bit like yours with big areas of gold on them and Mam said 'Look, Camilla's been in here!' haha.

...actually, yes it was Cadbury because we then came across some Laura Ashley embellishments in the craft section and I said 'If she had been in here, those would be snapped up for a start!' haha.

I'm looking forward to seeing you next week x

Camilla said...

Thankyou all for your comments!
Lisa- I read your blog all the time, I am just terrible at leaving comments, I think you are an inspiration!

Robert- hi, nice of you to find me over here. I really should change my banner as that was from last year! I've had to give up my allotment this year so i'm reduced to windowledges now. I will pop over and see the damage the badger has done to you.

hanna- thanks for the tip- i've been holding off photographing these for ages because of never getting things just right- hopefully I will get them set up somewhere and can photograph them again (minus dust!)

Gaina- it's true! I have been turning everything gold...well sort of...well not really. See you next week!