Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I just saw this on Kitsune Noir (where i've been downloading a free desktop each week by the way) and now i'm hooked. I have a feeling I saw this ages ago (in internet times) but it's good to take a look at the freakiness of it again.

Normal programming will be resumed shortly (soon as i've got that song out of my head)


design for mankind. said...

Oh this is so fun! :)

Camilla said...

There's millions (well maybe 5 or 6) other adverts if you search on YouTube!

Gaina said...

That's very cute but incredibly creepy at the same time. The Japanese are quite good at this, I've noticed. :P

My Friend who blogs on 'Screw Bronze' just had a holiday in Japan and it's completely dampened my desire to go there! haha