Monday, April 14, 2008

The Good Machinery

Results of my trade with The Good Machinery

I received these in the mail some time ago- part of a trade I did with The Good Machinery. I sent some of my golden people to Dessa, and she very kindly, sent all these (and more) to me. It's the first time i've ever traded with someone like this- I was so nervous that she wouldn't want to trade work with me, but she was happy to and now we both have art that we love to bits. (Don't believe me, take a look at her post about the pieces I sent to her)

Soon I shall be trading zines with one of my favourite artists Xin from Maki Squarepatch- you should go hop over to their shop and pick up copies of all the zines (xines?) that Xin has made so far- they are brilliant little comics that will break your heart.


karen said...

I love the guy with the bowler hat and glasses! Thanks for the review on has been blogged! I appreciate it.

d. said...

sure i'm happy to have your pieces with me !
and i do hope you enjoy my little pieces of silliness.xo.

Camilla said...

I dooooo love your little pieces- i'm looking for frames for some of them tomorrow, but I kind of like how they look hanging on pegs too.