Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Christopher Song Archive

While i've been away from the world of blogging, I have been busy working in the Christopher Song Archive. Christopher Song was a resident of Falmouth in the late 1800's, who was last seen in public in 1914 following the crash of Henri Selmet's plane on the beach at Gyllyngvase.

Working with Tony Johns we have started to make parts of the archive available to the public, some on display in Falmouth town library and other, more valuble items, housed behind glass in the Falmouth Art Gallery.

Today I am working in the library, talking to people about the discoveries and continuing in our important research. Last week I was helping to run a workshop for children in the art gallery, getting them to dress up as Victorian explorers while we filmed them. There is a rumour that Christopher Song is going to make a dramatic reppearence during Splash festival...but I couldn't possibly tell you if that were true or not.

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