Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Discoveries of Christopher Song

Sometimes strange objects turn up in the archive- this is one of the strangest yet. It appears to be a lump of stone with two seed pods growing out of it. There is no obvious means of attachment and it would seem that they are breaking through the structure of the stone itself. We believe this to be the result of one of Christopher Song's early experiments into time travel- where he hadn't begun to take into account the continual rotation of the Earth in his calculations.

Song had almost mastered the art of sending objects through time, but had not accounted for the fact that they would also be travelling in space. Due to this we start to find a selection of strange objects embedded in the masonry of buildings in the Falmouth area, obnjects that only come to light again when buildings are rennovated or demolished.

 This stone comes from a typical Cornish Hedge, and was found outside of Falmouth, in Redruth. Who knows how far other objects from Christopher Song's experiments have travelled? Maybe this holds the clue to what happened to Song himself?