Sunday, May 27, 2012

27 May 2012

27 May 2012 by Camilla Stacey
27 May 2012, a photo by Camilla Stacey on Flickr.

I have started drawing again! It feels so good to be regularly drawing with 'Drawing Club' (ten out of ten for originality) and to FINALLY get to spend some time in my studio space.

This is a drawing I did this afternoon, based on a crazy photo I found at the car boot sale. Ever since I moved to Cornwall I have avoided going to car boot sales because I had a bad habit of spending too much money at them in the past. Today was my first one in nearly 2 years. I was feeling pretty chuffed that the only thing i'd spent money on were some runner bean plants, then I spotted the next table and the two massive old photo/postcard albums on it. I ended up spending £20 on postcards and worrying that it was the start of a slippery slope.

After the boot sale I stopped in at The Little Yellow House studios, where for a month I have been renting the most expensive pencil case going- in other words i've got a studio space that i've barely been to- no excuse at all really as it's just up the road from my house. I ended up getting engrossed in drawing and spending over three hours there before I realised I had to get back to a Skype date with my friend Becky.

I'm really hoping I can act of the momentum of all the amazing things that have happened this weekend and a)get drawing and b) get blogging in a more structured and considered way.

Watch this (empty) space...


Kitsch and Curious said...

Excellent! I'm intrigued by the drawing and the photos/postcards. They look like they might be very strange (in a good way, obviously). If the photos have inspired some drawing, that's money well spent! I envy your having a studio space - hope you enjoy 'doing art' again.

claire platt said...

oooo that is a gorgeous drawing!
p.s i want to see pictures of your studio space!