Friday, September 09, 2011

Master Milla

Today I discovered I was a Master. I found out just after noon, when my friend Eugenia handed me a print out with the word PASS on it. My year of study has culminated in me being elevated to the same ranks as Yoda, or is having an MA not the same thing as being a Jedi?
It was my sister who first asked me if Yoda had done an MA to become Master Yoda, and I told her to ask her son who would set the record straight. I then told her that if I passed she would be forced to call me Master Camilla at all times, in the seven hours since she found out she has pretty much failed to do this. Sisters huh?!

I am in a very weird state at the moment, not really being able to take it in that all that fundraising I did, all the reading and writing and putting on exhibitions, all the lack of blogging, it's all been worth it because I now am the proud owner of an MA in Curatorial Practice. When I was younger I was convinced i'd do a PhD, now i'm pretty certain I won't ever do that- the academic writing for this MA nearly broke me at times, and the option I picked wasn't even that academic. If an institution does want to fund me to spend years looking at artists and doodling about knitting then i'd be more than happy to take them up on the offer, however i'm not sure that happens very often.

So...back to the real world. I am hoping to stay in Cornwall for a while and have been applying for jobs that I hope will fit in with the work I do at The Poly and at Here and Now. I filled in my first job application form in 8 years earlier in the week and got invited for an interview today. Fingers crossed that the interview goes well next week and I might re-enter the world of paid work soon. 


Jane Housham said...

Congratulations on the MA, and best of luck in the interview. Let us know how you get on.

Kitsch and Curious Elsie said...

So, Master you are. To you congratulations I give.
That's enough of trying (very badly) to write Yoda-speak!
Well done on a job interview already!