Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's over!

My prolonged absence from the world of blogging may finally be coming to an end as i've just finished my MA in Curatorial Practice. Well...when I say finished there's still the final show to go, but all the written work has been handed in and my display is mounted on the wall. I am pleased with my display, not so pleased with my final project, and at the moment and waiting to find out how I did. The examiners are in this week and I think i'll find out if i've passed by the end of next week. Either way I am impressed that I have DONE an MA, I may not have got the distinction I was once aiming for, I may not even pass, but I have completed the hardest thing i've ever done and i'm proud of that. I'm cross with myself for not doing as well with my MA project as I could have, a combination of factors, most of them being me, meant that I found it very hard to get my project finished to my satisfaction, and in the end I turned in something I wasn't that happy with.'s over now and we shall wait and see what the result is.

In the meantime i'm working at The Poly, in Falmouth as a volunteer on the box office, which is something I love (rather strangely) and i'm curating shows here in the gallery space. At the moment there's an exhibition on by local artist Melanie Young- lovely colourful paintings with layers of gold leaf and scratched in details. Lovely stuff to sit and look at while i'm selling tickets to French films.

Next week is the MA show at Uni and i'll finally get a chance to see what all the other students have been up to with their time!


Kitsch and Curious Elsie said...

You made it!! Well done - I'm sure you'll do better than you think.

Eugene said...

well done!