Friday, July 30, 2010

Shipping forcast bores small children/excites adult

Some of my friends and family know that I have an unhealthy fascination with the Shipping Forecast. I know i'm not alone- it pops up in songs, books, and tea towels (I have the same tea towel as Kristen ). While I was in Scotland I was excited to discover that we were super close to Cromarty, a village that gives it's name to one of the shipping areas. So we took a drive (the 2 car ferry isn't running this summer) over the bridge and spent a day pottering around in Cromarty.
On the left is Nigg Hill, which is where my friend lives, and on the right is the headland where I was told a mermaid was kept in a specially built pool.
The Ice House

One of the things about being so much further north than where I live is that there were lots of blossoms still on plants that down here are already producing berries.
Lobster or crab pots on the harbour wall.

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