Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nigg beach

In the distance is Cromarty, and this is the jetty for the car ferry to Cromarty that normally runs during the summer. At the moment they are waiting for a new ferry/for their ferry to be mended, so instead of a short trip on the boat you have to make a long drive round by land. We saw several cyclists who were doing Lands End to John o'Groats and were mightily peeved to get to Cromarty and find no service.

The  first thing we saw on the beach at Nigg was a dead dried up creature, that may well have been a dog. It was pretty amazing looking and i'm not entirely sure why I didn't take a photo of it- it might've been the beast of Nigg for all I know, but instead here's another dead creature from Nigg beach.
I have never seen a wild starfish, so I was pretty excited to see this on the beach, then I looked closer and saw it had a leg missing and seemed to be on the 'recently dead' side.

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Charlie Davidson said...

The new ferry has now arrived - The Cromarty Queen. Check out some other things you can do in Cromarty: