Monday, August 16, 2010

Falmouth Fundraising Amazing Art Raffle!

I'm having an amazing sale and art raffle in order to raise money to help me pay my MA Curatorial Practice fees. I'm heading off to Falmouth in just over a month and I've been clearing out cupboards in order to conjure up all kinds of treats that people might like to buy. At the moment there is a mountain of stuff piling up- books, comics, vintage china tea sets, artwork, magazines, vintage clothes, zines, badges, cakes (the cakes haven't been made yet to tell you the truth), old 78's, record players...the list goes on and there may well be some tears on my part as I wave goodbye to my belongings.


But it's all for a very good cause, it's been a long time in the making, but my mind is finally made up and I know that this MA is just what I need to do. I've spent the weekend in Falmouth at an amazing campsite with my friend, who kindly took me down there to try and find somewhere new to live after the flat I had found back in May suddenly became unavailable- it looks like I may have found somewhere so it's now all systems go again!

Some very kind and very talented friends decided to donate some artwork for me to raffle and so on Saturday I will be launching the AMAZING ART RAFFLE with work from Alys Paterson, Peskimo, Elin Thomas, Kirsty Hall, Claire Elizabeth Platt and me up for auction for a mere £1 a ticket or 10 tickets for £5! If you can't make it along to the here shop and gallery on Saturday between 11am and 5pm then you can buy tickets via paypal, just click the button below and make sure to let me know how many you want.

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