Friday, July 30, 2010

Scotland pt2.

Inside the shop at the Black Isle Brewery. We purchased a bottle or 12, and some really delicious hand made soap. One of the beers is called 'Red Kite' and on the way back from the brewery I saw my first red kite ever- a much bigger bird than I had imagined (in my head I thought it was more of a kestrel size)- I was really excited and thought that it was very cute to hear that V had spent a lot of time looking for red kites (as in the kind you fly) before she discovered that all the adults were talking about a kind of bird.

Another bit of highland wildlife- a field of real, live Highland cattle- who were all posing perfectly until I got out the car and climbed up the bank to take a photo. When I was little we used to walk past a field of these cows and we called them the 'Mac Moos' it was really nice to see some again after all these years!

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