Monday, December 28, 2009


snow two flakes deep in the bumpy lane

While lots of other parts of the country have been under snow over the last couple of weeks, in my West Country seaside town I got snow that was one, maybe two, flakes deep at most. This photo is of 'the bumpy lane' as I (and possibly anyone who drives down it) calls it, covered in a layer about two millimeters deep. To be fair, other parts of town did see enough snow to make snowballs with, but I live too near to the seafront for anything that exciting to happen.

This morning i've been to knitting group, which has taken off in a pretty big way (numbers are not huge but there are lots of repeat offenders). It seems like every week I go there's someone new to meet, or someone I have met in a 'i've read your blog' kind of way, but never actually spoken to in 'real life'. I've lived here for about 5 years now and I can honestly say i've met more people who are on my wave length in the last couple of months than I have done in all those years. Of course i've made some great friends from college, but only two of them actually live in this town, so it's been really nice to meet up with some of the people who share this seaside town with me (or do I share it with them?). This morning's session seemed especially nice, with babies and children and even the odd husband turning up at the end! Just what I needed after three days of festivities.

Yesterday I went to Slimbridge with my mum, my sister and my nephew. We were there in the late afternoon and got to watch as over 70,000 starlings came in to roost- it was a totally amazing site and made me even more inclined to start doing some proper exploring, getting out and about and doing more walking. I fear I am becoming more and more like my parents as I grow up- I even got a National Trust thermos flask from my sister for xmas!

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Laura said...

It was really nice to finally meet you Camilla - hopefully we'll catch up again soon :)