Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year, New Projects

I've a habit of taking on way too many things, sometimes it seems like it's the only way I can function- high level stress at all times. I'm trying not to take on too many new projects at the moment as I need to focus all my attention on finishing this year at Uni and preparing for my MA. Preparation for the MA will take many forms- selling things, making new art, finding someone to rent my house, finding somewhere new to live in, finding magical pots of money...the list is pretty endless and should be enough to keep me going until October.

However...I just can't seem to help myself so i've decided that i'm going to write a letter to someone once a week for every week this year. My idea came from being part of Susie Ghahremani's Penpal Party, which popped up on Twitter. I really enjoyed the experience of writing letters to total strangers and I thought it might be something I should do more of- it links in with my desire to spend less time on the computer this year and more time in 'real life'. So if you are interested in receiving a letter from me this year let me know- i'm making no promises that it'll be the start of a long ongoing penfriendship, but I will write a letter to everyone who asks for one. If no-one asks for one then i'm just going to go through my old address books and write to everyone I find in them.

Feb 13th
Someone else who has a new project on the go is Kerstin Klein- If you want to join in on the project, all you have to do, is answer ONE question.

"What is Red for you?"

It shouldn´t be anything complicated and you do not need to spend more than 5-10 minutes on it.


claire platt said...

oh! too many people making resolutions it's making me want to make some proper ones! i like the spend less time on the computer and more time in real life tho - i enjoyed my time away from the internet over the festive period!

I would love a letter! I've been collecting addresses recently to send post too! how fun!

Camilla said...

Claire- I shall be sending you a letter next week. I think I need to check that i've got your address first.

ksklein said...

Thanks Camilla, for posting this. Hopefully some of your readers will join in. :)

Amelia said...

oooooh I would love a letter to!

Shall I email you my address? my email is: - let me know.

Happy New Year and resolutions. I've made some too, and so far sticking to them, but a bit boring!!!