Friday, November 06, 2009


I've just put my MA application form in the post, which means I can cross one thing off my very long to-do list! I have an interview next Friday (the 13th- eek!) at Falmouth so i'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it all goes smoothly. I'm so glad i'm not having to put a big portfolio of my work together- i'm applying for the Curatorial Practice MA, which means no big presentation of my work. It has however just occurred to me that maybe I should be getting a little bit stressed out about the actual interview...

But before that happens there's this:

Claire and I (and Becky too) will be on hand tomorrow to teach you the fine arts of monoprinting, badge making, knitting and pompom making. It costs £1 per adult and 50p for kids- all ages welcome, my nephew was making badges before he was 2 years old so we do mean all ages! Claire is also going to be a MISI down at Paintworks- because she is a crazy fool that likes to take on much too much...but say hello to her if you see her there, and maybe offer her a cup of tea too!

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Gaina said...

No, you should not be stressing out because if you do, you'll trip yourself up when it comes to the interview.

The reason you're not stressed out is because some part of you deep down knows you can walk this interview and you have enough experience of Curation to handle whatever they can chuck at you.

You'll be fine ;-).