Monday, November 09, 2009

Want to work for a magazine and get lunch cooked for you?

Just got this email forwarded to me and thought I might as well share it with you lovely lot:

Apologies for another email about interns but we are getting desperate. I am going to print with my Anthology of Illustration at the end of the week and in the meantime we are about to lose all our current batch of interns and we don't have people to take over for three of the sections: art, music and earth. If we can't find any new interns in the next week the blog will stop running. So if you love reading Amelia's Magazine and if you know of anyone who might possibly be interested in an internship, please please tell them about the spaces available - we've never had so much trouble and I am about to lose my mind because I am so busy with getting the book finished.

The lowdown is:
You need to be able to write, own a laptop, (and can support yourself with another part-time job) and can come in here (brick lane, east London) 4 days a week (mon-thurs) You also need to be able to commit to a 3mth period as editor of the section- which would now be until the end of February because of the christmas break.

I can't pay any expenses - the website makes no income - but I do cook you lunch and it is absolutely invaluable experience both in writing and in learning how a small publishing house and website runs (from commissioning other writers and illustrators, to interviewing up and coming bands, to going to fashion shows - yes you can help out our fashion editor during fashion week! the list is endless) It looks GREAT on your cv to say you have been editor of an entire section of a well respected magazine.(we were ranked one of the top 10 arts blogs in the UK a few weeks ago)

I am about to launch my Anthology - we're having a launch party in early December and you can get involved with that

please email with a sample of writing that would be relevant to your desired section now!
Plus: when you can start and when you are available for an interview.

or post the info on your facebook or twitter and help me find someone, or in all seriousness the website is no more

x Amelia x

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