Friday, November 06, 2009

Call to artists!

As part of my new job curating the gallery space here at college i'm delighted to let you know that we are putting out a call for artists to submit proposals to use the space next year. Here's the details:

Where: Bath Spa University Gallery, Weston College- University Campus
When: 1-12th Feb and 1-26th March (both sets of dates include time for installation)
Who: Artists from any discipline that have completed a BA (hons) degree, or higher, in their subject area within the last five years.
What: Current work, or work made in response to the space- visits are welcome at any time to view the gallery. You will be required to deliver an artists talk or workshop.

Contact: Please apply for gallery information, including plans and images to Camilla Stacey, Weston College, University Campus, Loxton Rd, Weston-super-Mare, N. Somerset, BS23 4QU or email

Deadline for proposals: Friday 15th January 2010

We can't offer payment, but we can offer free mail outs, e-fliers, free space and invigilation.


Gaina said...

Personally I think the college should be putting us first when there's space for work to be exhibited but there you go....

Camilla said...

have to disagree with you there Gaina- I think it's really important that the gallery is used to show what is possible from an art career, and to expose people to local, national and international contemporary art. That's why each artist that visits will be giving talks, and some of them will be giving workshops too. We students have 2 months of the gallery to ourselves so it's not all been taken away from us. By raising the profile of the gallery, it raises the profile of the course and therefore theoretically makes our qualifications count for more!

Gaina said...

Haha there are three certainties in life = death, taxes, and you disagreeing with me on absolutely everything :P.

Hmm, I can see what you mean to an extent, and I suppose our work is up in other parts of the college. The talks and workshops from visiting artists do the job of showing us what's possible I think.

Meh, what do I know? I'm still pissed at the college spouting all this PC 'inclusivity' crap in their prospectus when the reality is very different.