Friday, November 20, 2009

Struggling to write a post at the moment

I've got a half composed post waiting to be finished but at the moment i'm having some problems with concentrating long enough to write anything very coherent (what, like I normally am?) So rather than sit around trying to finish the post I thought I should just write something, anything to get me over this bump.

my new husband

So here you have my new husband- I found him in a 1921 agricultural calendar from Finland, redrew him, turned him into a screen print and now he is mine to keep for ever. (He looks a little wonky in this photo because this image was printed onto paper and turned into a book)

fortune teller

I revisited the fortune tellers I was making earlier in the year and made some out of brown paper, covered in screen printed images that I drew from old postcards, photos and oh-there's- my-husband if you look closely.

fortune teller

fortune teller

This one has one of my babies in it. Actually you will be pleased to know that this is a 'British Child'- the lettering on the back of the postcard I took the image from states 'This is a real photograph of a British Child', no mention of the nationality of the dog that she's sitting with (which can be seen in the photo above her)

Well there you go- a short and sweet post. I might try and write some more just like this while I can. Thankyou all for the congratulations on my acceptance to the MA in Falmouth by the way!


Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

I really like your new fortune tellers. Thank goodness you were able to find a photo of a real British child, and not one of those awful fake ones!

Janou-Eve said...

That is a beautiful project Camilla!