Friday, November 20, 2009

Talking about blogs

I just wanted to take this time to talk about two of my favourite blogs. I've been having to really cut back on the blogs I follow as it was simply taking over my life, and sometimes it was making me grumpy reading about other people's crafty lovely lives, living in their perfect houses and making perfect art every single day of their perfect lives.

Enough of this grumpiness though here are some of my favourite blogs, starting with one that is SO perfect that sometimes I can't even bear to read it. Joetta Maue is not only an incredibly talented artist in her own right, but she has a magic touch for finding other artists whose work just resonates so strongly with me and makes me drool. I have to limit myself access to her blog and read it in little chunks because too much of it in one go would possibly lead to me overdosing on talent. I think in all the time i've been following her blog there's possibly been only one or two artists featured that haven't knocked my socks off. As well as the blog she is curating an exhibition, having a baby and teaching embroidery classes. Sometimes I think I will have to stop following her blog, but not because of her being too 'perfect' but because the exposure to so much goodness that I get from it is possibly rotting my teeth.

On a totally different track is Lottie Klaver's drawing blog. I love it when new drawings from Lottie turn up in my blog reader. Her drawings are done using brush and ink and are full of energy.

I'll be posting more about my favourite blogs in this sporadic manner whenever I have a bit of time, but not enough brain space to write anything very serious.

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Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

I enjoyed Joetta Maue's blog, and her work speaks to me too. Altered vintage linen - what's not to love?