Sunday, November 15, 2009

Home again


Well I had a lovely, very wet, few days down in Falmouth. I got home yesterday and jumped straight into bed with one of my cats and tried to recover from thunderstorms, gale force winds and a long drive home.



The most important thing of course is the fact I have been accepted onto the MA! I am so excited about this, but of course with that excitement comes a lot of worry and nervousness about the future- i'll be moving away from one shabby seaside town to live in another (less shabby) and I think I might've forgotten how to move house now. I'm also worried that i'm just not clever enough to do the MA, I know that's probably stupid talk, my application was strong and I had a good reference, but I can't help thinking i'm going to get caught out once I get down there and start- someone's going to discover i've been faking it all along!


While I was down in Falmouth I got the chance to pop into the here and now shop- it was really nice to meet Kate and see Mark Pawson's show, it makes me feel like there's a little bit of Bristol already down in Falmouth so I have at least one person who I can talk to when I get there next September. Yes next September- it's nearly a year away, but I wanted to give myself the best chance possible to raise the funds that will allow me to do this course- from now on i'm going to be putting any money I make from selling art into my Falmouth fund in the hopes that I can start to build up a little pot of money to cover a deposit on a flat or something similar (it's been so long since i've rented that i'm kind of rusty how these things work)



Gaina said...

See, I knew you'd walk it ;-).

Moving house requires a new mantra for you, Madam. DE-CLUTTER!!

So are the puddy-cats going with you now? :)

claire platt said...

omg!!! well done that is such awesome news!
you are def clever enough! everything will be fine! eep!

Feltbug said...

Whoo Whoo!! Big congrats to you - that is sooo exciting. You will have a wonderful time - I am sure of it xx

Camilla said...

Thankyou all! Now is the real start of the adventure!

d e b b i e said...

wow! Great news! Good luck with the MA!
I'm a tad jealous as I've just finished mine and kind of wish I was still doing it.
Falmouth will be wonderful too! said...

Such good news! I am totally with you on feeling like I will get "found out".... its what has stopped me in the past from doing any further art education. Speaking of which, I would love to meet for a coffee soon to pick your brains about the applied art course.....

Laura said...

Oh congratulations! That's great news... and Falmouth is so lovely. My friend did an art degree down there and loved every second of living in it. Well done you :)

Camilla said...

Thankyou all! I think that I will love living down there, shame I have so long to wait!