Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just a quickie

Pier view- our very kind upstairs neighbours

I just updated The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe blog with some photos from the venue we shall be using- take a look

I'm at full pelt at the moment organising things for my three events during Weston-super-Mare Arts Festival.

There's the Sweet Shoppe, which will be open weekends during the festival (12th Sept-11th October)

Frou Frou, an exhibition of work featuring Cathy Cullis, Joetta Maue, Karen Ruane, Lou Trigg and Elin Thomas, which will be opening on September 11th and running until the end of the festival at a boutique in town.

And then there's the Art in Uphill Quarry event that will be taking place on September 12th, from 10am-dusk and will feature artists creating site specific work, performance, a picnic and lots of sweets.

I've also just had it confirmed that I shall be curating the exhibition space in the University gallery- this was mentioned to me earlier in the summer, but I got the official confirmation today from Kate Parsons my tutor there. It's really exciting to think of having a semi-official gallery to play with, wondering how much different i'll have to do things to fit in with an organisation. In the past i've pretty much only curated events/exhibitions at spaces i've set up myself or borrowed for the duration- haven't really had to play along with anyone elses rules, but this will be good practice for next year when I should be down in Falmouth studying for an MA in Curatorial Practice.

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