Friday, August 28, 2009

Weston Arts Festival updates

Sorry for the cross posting, but I thought maybe some of you would be interested to see who is taking part in The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe this year (and if not, why not!)

I thought maybe it was about time we updated you with a list of who is contributing to the Sweet Shoppe this year, hold onto your hats it's an impressive looking list!

Edith Abeyta
Heather Anacker
Emily Chandler
Matt Cipov
Custom Made UK
Simon Daly
Laura Harris
Jenny Hart
Gunilla Jahnichen
Miss B
Katy Parrett
Alys Paterson
Claire Elizabeth Platt
Julia Pott
Camilla Stacey
Tizzy Treatz
Ian Walker
Rebecca Weeks
Johanna Ziegler

I also wanted to let you know i've just set up a new blog for the Frou Frou exhibition- you can find it over here at Frou Frou. I realised that not everyone has access to Facebook, and it's nice to have somewhere to gather all the information together- hopefully there will be more added to it soon.

And now I have to sleep- i've had terrible insomnia recently, no doubt due to all the many and various projects on the go at the moment- I think I need to curl up in a big ball of lavender and see if that does the trick!


littlemithi said...

This is looking fab! Was at the peskimos last night admiring their entry ... Would have loved to have contributed ... but this last couple of months have been manic (as you can imagine!). I think I'm FINALLY able to just sit down and get on with my life now ...

Camilla said...

Aw Mithi it would've been great to have you involved, but I hope you get a chance to come down and see some of the shows at any rate!